A Life Plan for Kids
A "smarterphone" plan with parental controls for time management and
content filtering, with unlimited options for less.
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A "smarterphone" plan for smarter kids.

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Financial literacy for early success and life-long achievement.

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Time Line
"Give their journey every chance for success."
Upcoming Event
Hear from special guests Metta World Peace, Brandon Copeland, and beatbox DJ KRNFX
An affordable phone
plan for your life plan.

Riingo Kid Help young children earn talk, text, and data with good behavior and achievement in school and at home. Remotely pause the phone until homework and household chores are finished.

Riingo Plus Set time limits, schedules and filters on phone usage, social media and online browsing. Plan, earn, and save with Riingo Academy. Buy stronger with Riingo Club.

Riingo Unlimited Affordable unlimited talk, text, and data plans at prices that will save you money. Perfect for parents saving for a memorable family vacation!

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Metta World Peace
NBA Champion Metta World Peace, an international Mental Health Advocate, will speak about how to focus your mind on your goals, quiet the noise, and become a success in life.
Brandon Copeland
New Yourk Jets linebacker and Personal Finance Expert Brandon Copeland will reveal financial secrets and advice to help kids get on the right career path NOW!
Sam Bracken
Sam Bracken, a dynamic and powerful speaker, coach, and author inspire your kids to make positive change, become powerful, and overcome obstacles in their way.
Riingo Academy
Educate and inspire your kids to greatness.
  • Making smart choices
  • Taking on responsibility
  • Manging their finances
  • Living with excitement
  • Finding purpose in disappointment
  • Overcoming adversity
"It's only when kids can monitor thier own behaviour that they learn the skills they need to be indistractable - even when their parents are not around."
Nir Eyal - Author of Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
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